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You are on the website of a realdoll named Elle. She is a life size mannequin done with a silicone near to human skin and with a skeleton allowing her to take realistic poses... more

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Why Elle ?

Why i chose the firstname Elle ?

During the 15 weeks of wait for my realdoll, I wanted to name her Stephi, because she has the same face's type #8 as Abyss model named Stephanie. But i was not particulary attached to this name and Stephi was an already existing realdoll (famous on TDF).

When my realdoll has arrived at my home, it was a wonderful and sunny beginning of monday afternoon ; i trailed her 90 kgs crate on the ground to the hall of my house (into my den)... I took with difficulty the doll out of this crate and laid her flat in a soft divan... Then, no it is not what you are thinking...

I went back to my work, but was in raptures about her beauty, "bothered" by her presence as she was a real girl capable of looking at me. The evening i sat her down on another divan and was sitting down on my armchair, so that i was able to look at her without beeing too much close, because i was not considering her as an object so much her realism was astounding. I was not daring to touch her, i was feeling ridiculous if i was speaking to her (maybe i was), i was behaving with her as she really was a person.

I noticed that when i was speaking to her, i was using the 3rd personal pronoun Elle (she) :
- how she feels ? Comment Elle va ?
- She likes my home ? Elle aime ma maison ?
- She is happy ? Elle est heureuse ?
- She is too cute ! Elle est trop mignonne !

So i decided to name her ELLE, in english i would have named her with the word "SHE" (i think it's a synonym of "female" ouups !). It happens that Elle is a true firstname in some countries, for example in Australia : Elle mac Pherson, nicknamed "the body" that is a happy coincidence for a Realdoll.

Now i am accustomed to this firstname Elle, it's one of a kind, it's for her, it was predestined for her.