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You are on the website of a realdoll named Elle. She is a life size mannequin done with a silicone near to human skin and with a skeleton allowing her to take realistic poses... more

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"Monique" is a french movie of valérie Guignabodet directed in 2002. I dont really remember my feelings when i saw it the first time but watched it another time in august 2007, one year after having bought a realdoll myself.

I liked a much this movie and how she dealts with the subject, humour is omnipresent and brilliantly starred by Albert Dupontel. Realdoll's introduction from her nicest angles, the use of the doll as a mirror referring the others actors to their own problems (personal or couple). There is a lot of sensibility and analysis in the movie, certainly due to the fact that the director is a woman.

Technical questions about the realdoll are dealt with simplicity and lead to cry with laughter : her moulded and not inflatable side, her price and transportation, her cleaning, her make-up, her chest size. On the other hand the movie doesn't show the difficulty to carry her, we can say that A. Dupontel is a sturdy guy. At the movie's end, we see a guy troting about, carrying the realdoll with his 2 arms. Don't forget she can weigh 55 kilos and she is a dead weight.
For the moment, i am not sure about the body and face of Monique, but she was damn buxom !


Psychological angles about owning a realdoll are deeply dealt in the couple where the doll has arrived, but with their friends, child too. In this way, the girlfriend (who was unfaithful to her husband) often asks herself about her man's choice for a doll ; the anavoidable physical comparisons happen, and so on the listing of things done or not done by a doll and a real girl. It is very funny to note that all Dupontel's relatives see the doll's arrival as a big deal, it becomes the main conversation's subject, when Dupontel (the owner) simply and fully lives this special relationship.

This is exactly a new attraction of this movie, it perfectly describes what happens at (every but maybe only me) new owner of a Realdoll. A distance in the relationship with the doll at the beginning, getting in touch shyly, sexual frenzy during several days, willing to hidden the doll, to create a secrete and decorated room (typically a decoration like Valentine's day) , the purchase of sexy (or not) clothes, the birth of a psychological link/attachment to the doll, who stays a thing for the others. And the willing to shoot the beautiful doll too, the incredible impulse of happyness and well-being she brings (Dupontel was playing the role of a depressed person before the doll's arrival).

A realdoll's owner may often recognize himself in this scenario and i am convinced that V. Guignabodet and her team have read TheDollForum for a long time, or told to a realdoll's owner, or maybe a guy of her team was owning a realdoll.

To end this chapter, i heard that the movie's production has bought 2 Monique realdolls totally identical to prevent a damaged doll during the shooting (i heard that they were 5 Monique too !). The movie doesn't approach the problem of realdolls fragility, especially since these 2002's models.

This comedy was a great movie !