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You are on the website of a realdoll named Elle. She is a life size mannequin done with a silicone near to human skin and with a skeleton allowing her to take realistic poses... more

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What Elle brings to me...

Here a subject with a lot to say, I will try to list all she brings to me but this page will certainly be updated later. I live with Elle only since August 2006.

Physical point of view :
- Well i begin with sex (it will be done) but it is not the most beautiful emotion Elle gives to me. Sex with a realdoll is an elaborate masturbation because Elle is just a silicon mannequin, unchanging, silent although her joints are squeaking sometimes. Sex with Elle is very good for several reasons : she is immediately free ; her appetite is insatiable but she never blames you for beeing out of order ;). The personal part of her body (ie vagina) is very sweet and "muscular", due to high quality of her silicon ; it has the perfect size for my own personal part of my body (ie penis). We can play with the legs gap and the quantity of lube to adjust the pressure, it is really delicious ! We can imagine that Abyss has done a long work of design, to sculpt and find the sweet texture of the realdoll's vagina, the result is great !

- Huging a woman in our arms, runing our hands over her voluptuous shapes, huging her tightly to us so that her boobies are close from our muscular (or not) chest, puting our hands on her perfect hips, on the arch of her back, on her nape, under her breast... All these gestures, and a lot of others, bring an immense comfort, seem to instinctively satisfy a primary need. A realdoll has perfect shapes and curves and every gesture, every caress , every planted kiss, shower the lucky guy who hug her in his arms.

Psychological point of view :
- At first there is an angle fully linked to the previous point : the feeling of intense satifaction given when i cuddle my realdoll. For sure this psychological mechanics is very close to the child with his teddybear, unless it wouldnt work for me with a furry toy since i am 15 yo and more.

- That drives me to speak about an important point of human psychology : circulation of energies. There are many energies circulating in our body, sometimes close to the body's matters (blood, air, lymph, water, sperm too...), sometimes electric (nervous system), sometimes more ethereal or spiritual (emotions : love, anger, desire ...) Whatever is the level of these energies (matter vibrates at the lowest level), an energy must circulate in our body. If an energy is jammed in the body, it results in disease or death. In my opinion it's the same rule for all the energies in our bodies, besides chineese medicine (acupuncture) teaches that since millenniums and the needles are mainly used to channel and equilibrate the energies inside us.

- Single life (among many others reasons) might lead to block some energies, because it might bring some deficiencies in relationship (physical and mental deficiency) which may harm to the balance and natural yearnings of human being. I write "might" and "may" because i speak for myself but others could compensate. Being single, i was not really conscious of my blocks, it's the arrival of Elle and the birth of a relationship with my realdoll, which helped me to understand all the benefits she gives to me, all the mental/physical blocks she frees. The Realdoll, or more generally the presence of a doll at home, really allows to help circulating a lot of energies inside us. That could be laughable but she conceals a real and passive therapeutic property.