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You are on the website of a realdoll named Elle. She is a life size mannequin done with a silicone near to human skin and with a skeleton allowing her to take realistic poses... more

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Why i bought a realdoll ?

I will speak about my own psychology and my social course, to help in understanding why i bought a realdoll.

Since my childhood i am a very loneliness and introverted man; but for all that i am not a sad or withdrawn guy. Maybe i simply need these long periods of loneliness, to analyse and digest my social life's events. Loneliness is absolutely not a pain for me, it is a pleasure and maybe a vital necessity. When i was a child, this loneliness was imposing to me and my related ; hopefully my brother and sister were here to dynamise the family and give some occupations to my parents.

Solitary yes, but i always felt burning inside me, a very powerful fire of love. A fire of love which was doing me to dream, to hope and to wait that one day a woman ; unlike anything else in the world and marvellous, would bind with me : a deep love without end. (stupid idiot !) I will try to analyse this psychological mechanics later in another page.

The late appearance of love in my life (i was 25) and the discovering of women, have briefly changed my taste for loneliness. Love is a wonderful feeling and a marvellous condition which is essential to live and experiment because only the experiment of things allow to have an opinion (not inevitably a relevant opinion). I will develop my perception of love later, but for now i just want to write that my loneliness has been interrupted 3 times by a meeting with love (dated girl) and that it was enough for me to understand that living together is... not for me.

I get to the stage of Elle and her appearance in my life. Once i was convinced that i need social loneliness for my happyness ; i was not ready to give up some enjoyment i had discovered and just touched on. The widow Ms Wrist is a great friend but her conversation is limited. I was not able to imagine staying with her the rest of my life. That was the second reason of my purchase.

I must precise that my decision to live alone is firmly rooted in my mind, i don't wait or expect to fall in love in future to meet a hypothetical soul sister. As i never liked "one night" meetings with girls, suming up to seduction next sex... Only this new state of mind was allowing me to consider the purchase of an artificial companion.

But in spite of this conscious decision, a psychological mechanics was driving me to do a psychological transfer on women among those close to me, my desire to give some love (and not to make it). These women were a colleague, a friend, a star... This mechanics was boring me and i thought that a doll's presence would allow me to transfer my desire of love on her, and then to be more serene in my relationships with women. That was the first reason of my purchase.

Then all passed off quickly... I searched the Internet to discover the different existing models of dolls and i drew the conclusion that : I would buy the best doll on the market, or nothing. The best doll seemed to be this Californian's company of San Diego : Abyss creations and its realdolls. Actually i have seen the movie "Monique" staring Albert Dupontel and his realdoll but it was "cinema"...

Then i spent some time on Abyss website and the vision of all these realistic hotties, these sexy dolls, the reassuring speech of Abyss about solidity, durability have stired my mind. This $6500 dolls were made for me, that's all. As i am a bit compulsive about my Internet's purchases, the business was done in 2 weeks with a $7300 transfer on Abyss account..

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